The neapolitan pizza is an art... and as such, deserves respect. Passion and devotion to the tradition, I believe, are the main ingredients to do a good job.

Whatever the outcome, always smile:
because the pizza should have an Italian soul!
...always good and cheerful.

Do you believe in the magic of the pizza where the dough meets the devotion

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Pizzeria Susy India Dehli
In the photo, I and my colleague Susy, the owner of a chain of pizzerias in Delhi, India, called Susy Pizzeria, we are depicted during a collaboration. The image captures a moment of teamwork and partnership. Our expressions reflect a sense of shared enthusiasm and dedication to our joint efforts. Susy, in quality of owner of the Pizzeria Susy, exudes passion for his work, the scene conveys the spirit of collaboration between us as we work together in this undertaking.
The photo captures a time when they are next to some customers, the owners of three pizzerias in Shanghai July, and Kim. We are photographed together in the middle of their project, while we work on the introduction of a line of Italian pizza. The atmosphere is vibrant, and reflects a successful partnership and a shared enthusiasm in bringing the authentic flavours of italy to Shanghai. July, and Kim, the owners, exude a sense of satisfaction and enthusiasm, highlighting the positive collaboration in the implementation of the line Italian pizza on their premises.

and more....

New Style Neapolitan Contemporary

The starting point for an understanding of the values that inspire a pizza moderna resides in the desire to use high-quality ingredients while maintaining the sensory characteristics, with the ambition to reproduce faithfully the flavor on a pizza and trying to make the right homage to the vast heritage food of our Country.

A true pizza contemporary stands out for the dough light and long rising, the top edge and airy, the use of organic tomato and flour stone milled.

Who said Pizza Gourmet?

Gourmet Pizza, the term has become increasingly familiar in recent years. But what makes a pizza “GOURMET”?

This word order, now on the lips of many, is the perfect combination of a special mixture and a selection of ingredients cared for meticulously by the Pizza chef, creating an experience unique tasting. Everything is balanced in quantity and quality to satisfy the needs of the most demanding and refined.

Fresh Pasta Made By Hand

Starting from fresh eggs, flour, high quality and a generous dose of passion, these are the secret ingredients to make the best pasta authentic. Noodles, Penne pasta, Cavatelli, Ravioli, Ravioli: these are just a few examples that you will be able to master through our training sessions. In addition, we guide you in the creation of the best sauces, as Pommarola, meat Sauce, Amatriciana, Rule, Sicilian, Carbonara, and many others.


Who is Chef Joe Tired

I am an accomplished executive Italian chef specializing in Neapolitan pizza and handcrafted fresh pasta.

Hello, I'm Joe

Born in 1971, I am a passionate pizza chef with a culinary path that spans decades. My love for the culinary art, and in particular for the pizza, accompanies me since youth.

I have dedicated years to hone my skills in different pizzerias and restaurants, where I learned the meaning of the care and attention to detail, both in its preparation and in the choice of ingredients. These experiences have enriched my culinary experience.

Then I applied my knowledge in the family business and I've shared my passion through collaborations with institutions that are responsive and courses pizzaiola. This path has led me finally to become the Pizza chef on cruise ships, where I have further honed my skills.

My devotion to pizza that has led me to a deep knowledge of the fermentation of the different types of yeast, of the various cooking techniques and working methods of the dough, including the manual drafting of various techniques.

I'm very excited to share with you my culinary knowledge and show you how to achieve excellence in the preparation of pizza and delicious Italian dishes.

Specialty Pizzas

We specialize in a wide variety of pizzas, traditional Italian, which includes not only the neapolitan pizza, but also the thin crust (pizza alla romana), the crust traditional classic with a slight edge), and the new crust neapolitan thick .

Pasta Dishes

As an Italian, I deeply appreciate the pasta and I take a great pleasure in passing on the knowledge of the preparation of pasta dishes and traditional. Among my favorite is the "Carbonara", prepared meticulously with fresh eggs, bacon and spaghetti. You would like to learn the art of preparation? Please do not hesitate to contact me

On-Site Training, Or Online

We are pleased to offer a training program professional online that will allow you to start making your pizzas are exceptional. With our online course specialized you will be able to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to comfortably from your home. In addition, we provide on-site training customized to your needs or those of your staff, which is available in all over the world .

Service Event Catering

For us, it is imperative to spread the authentic taste of Italian at the global level. We have had the privilege of serving many customers all over the world, offering services that include the preparation of pizza, demonstrations, pizza, and training sessions. Our clientele spans different regions, including, without limitation, France, South Korea, China, Costa Rica, the United States, Canada, India, Japan and various countries across Europe .

30% Discount For All New Customers. Hurry up !

We already have a service that is very competitive, and we want to do more! Do not lose the opportunity to enjoy a discount of 30%.

Free Consultation Of 30 Minutes

To all our new customers, we extend an offer for a first free consultation of 30 minutes

Secure Payment

We accept all forms of payment

Dedicated Support

For all of our customers, we guarantee online support to life, 24 hours on 24, 7 days on 7. This commitment is our promise to you. We are available to provide support through various communication platforms including WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, Instagram and other


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Diego Alejandro
The image of a company is very important. Would you want to work with a consultation company whose office was in shambles

Diego Alejandro

Whitero CEO, USA
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The image of a company is very important. Would you want to work with a consultation company whose office was in shambles

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The image of a company is very important. Would you want to work with a consultation company whose office was in shambles

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Hasrul Hisham
The image of a company is very important. Would you want to work with a consultation company whose office was in shambles

Hasrul Hisham

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    Anyone who want to improve their own skills by a One-to-One training, who want to know the authentic Neapolitan Pizza techniques. Who need to open a new Italian pizza restaurant business starting from the design to all the organization. Who wants to train employees and give them more knowledge about authentic Italian food.

    As a seasoned pizza chef, I bring years of experience and a global perspective to the table. I've trained and worked with various pizzerias worldwide, providing valuable insights and techniques that can high your pizza business to new heights.

    My training programs are designed to cater to a wide range of expertise levels. Beginners will gain a strong foundation, while experienced professionals can fine-tune their skills, explore new trends, and expand their offerings.

    My approach combines traditional craftsmanship with a modern twist. I emphasize not only the art of making exceptional pizza, but also the business aspects, helping you build a successful pizzeria from start to finish.

    Certainly! I've had the privilege of working with different business partners, many of whom have gone on to establish thriving pizzerias and received positive reviews. Their success stories speak to the effectiveness of my training and support.


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