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Ingredients are the most crucial elements for achieving top quality. Experience contributes to achieving the right combination, while practice enhances visual success. This is my primary goal: to convey a passion for the finest product and ensure its success.

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Latest technics

Despite the abundance of online tutorials for achieving a successful product, a comprehensive understanding of the latest techniques is essential. The tools and ingredients required to create an excellent pizza today have significantly advanced compared to a few years ago, continuously catering to the needs of industry professionals. Naturally, mastering their correct use and employing the appropriate techniques is crucial to prevent undesired outcomes.

Easy to learn

My system is easy to learn, just need a few days to start and make best Italian Pizza.

Pizza Events &Party

Thanks to a team of experienced collaborators, I am capable of providing an “all-inclusive” service, ranging from crafting special Neapolitan-style pizzas to other traditional Italian products such as calzones, pasta, and fried pizza. All of this is presented within an enjoyable ambiance, enhanced by the acrobatic performances of our team.

Partnership with the best brands in the world

Creativity Precision Innovation Flavor Management Leadership.

I can help you to build a very strong team and make them work together for the same target.

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After the first briefing i can offer a personalized service based on your needs. From new workshops setup to full training's to your employees. Organization of private and public pizza parties and shows.

Simply connect with me through the contact form or by my whatsapp +39 393 9955868

Anyone who want to improve their own skills by a One-to-One training, who want to know the authentic Neapolitan Pizza techniques. Who need to open a new Italian pizza restaurant business starting from the design to all the organization. Who wants to train employees and give them more knowledge about authentic Italian food.

As a seasoned pizza chef, I bring years of experience and a global perspective to the table. I've trained and worked with various pizzerias worldwide, providing valuable insights and techniques that can high your pizza business to new heights.

My training programs are designed to cater to a wide range of expertise levels. Beginners will gain a strong foundation, while experienced professionals can fine-tune their skills, explore new trends, and expand their offerings.

My approach combines traditional craftsmanship with a modern twist. I emphasize not only the art of making exceptional pizza, but also the business aspects, helping you build a successful pizzeria from start to finish.

Certainly! I've had the privilege of working with different business partners, many of whom have gone on to establish thriving pizzerias and received positive reviews. Their success stories speak to the effectiveness of my training and support.


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Hello, I’m Joe, born in 1971, and I am a passionate Pizza Chef with a culinary journey that spans decades. My love for the culinary arts, particularly for pizza, has been with me since my youth.

I have dedicated years to honing my skills in various pizzerias and restaurants, where I learned the significance of care and attention to detail, both in preparation and ingredient selection. These experiences have enriched my culinary expertise.

Subsequently, I applied my knowledge in our family business and shared my passion through collaborations with hospitality institutions and pizza-making courses. This journey ultimately led me to become a Pizza Chef on cruise ships, where I further refined my skills.

My dedication to pizza has led to a deep understanding of fermentation, different types of yeast, various cooking techniques, and dough handling methods, including hand-stretching in various techniques.

This website serves as my platform to share my lifelong passion with others and to assist anyone interested in learning how to prepare outstanding pizza, whether on a professional or home level.

To learn more about me and my experiences, please visit my LINKEDIN profile.

I am very excited to share my culinary knowledge with you and show you how to achieve excellence in pizza and delicious Italian dishes preparation.

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