Advice pizzerias

Advice for pizzerias

Evaluation and recruitment of qualified personnel, analysis of the costs and food cost, the presentation of the pizza, the drafting of the menu with the introduction of new recipes, communication, and customer loyalty, the introduction of new techniques of cooking: these are just some of the aspects of the management of your restaurant, we can optimise and enhance together.

• Engineering menu
• Standardization of recipes
• Calculation of Food Cost
• Support in the management control
• Training for the brigade and the team of room
• Consulting on the stock and warehouse


Even if you devote all the time and attention as possible to your business, it is normal that you will need an external eye to identify any problems, and find solutions to your case. When you are inside a situation, especially if the restaurant we've designed and launched thou, being objective is very difficult.

Maybe your earnings are decreased and you can not understand what is the root cause. Or you feel that now is the time to make changes: do you want to redesign the corporate identity of the local, start a secondary activity of take-away dishes, change the menu, or even intervene on the gastronomic quality of the dishes. It may also be that you have so much work to be never have the time to fix those aspects that are not as they wouldfor example , the food cost of some of the dishes.

We will face together all of those obstacles that prevent you from working and earning more and better.

Efficiency from the storage to the room

We can take in hand the reins of the organization of your local making sure that at the end of the consultancy everything runs smoothly as the oil

If there is a problem that feedback often on the inside of the Italian restaurants is that of the lack of organization. Maybe the staff is available and prepared, the chef makes you jump through hoops to realize the dishes are delicious in any situation, the choice of the base ingredients is the right one, and the customers are not lacking, but, however, things should not be for the better. This happens because, because of poor organization, we are located at:

  • lose sight of inventory and stock
  • work without the right ingredients, that not only are those expected from the pot, but even ones that have the quality to price ratio more convenient
  • bring dishes to the table, the portions are always different in the absence of standard procedures

And so on...

To resolve you need to, for example, to study the rotation index of raw materials and semi-finished products, write a card lead in the preparation of each dish, optimize the use of the management that you have chosen. We can take the reins of the organization of your restaurant so that at the end of the consultancy wire everything as smooth as oil.

A team you can count on

All for one, one for all!

You are the pivot around which revolves the entire restaurant but you can't do it all alone. You can trust the people that are part of your team? Or do you have problems in the organization of shifts due to absences and replacement requests at the last minute?


We can select together the people most suited to your local. I will help you to form the brigade, and the dining room staff to work in the way most suitable to your business model. Finally, we can put black on white, all processing procedures and create a operating manual, so that the newly hired personnel can easily integrate in the process.

Menu engineered

Engineering the menu is crucial regardless of the type of local

cerco lavoro

the menu is not simply the paper of your dishes. Is a marketing tool. Engineering the menu is crucial regardless of the type of local, and can significantly contribute to the success of a restaurant or a restaurant in the middle level, but also a sandwich bar, a hamburgheria, a pizzeria, etc. Indeed, the menu is still the most important in all of those spaces in which the waiter didn't have the time (and even the duty) to guide our customers in the selection of the dishes.

We can build together a smart menu and balanced, which reflects the tastes of your customer base and makes the best products of the area. Without forgetting that, if the inside of your offer, there are dishes that are cheap and sell well, absolutely not to be replaced!

Food Cost

Use the information that you derive from food cost sheet and food cost budget is not easy: you can learn how to make the most of them

If your restaurant is open for many years, very likely you will have a lot of data at your disposal to optimize the food cost of the dishes on the menu.

Calculate the food cost sheet it is not difficult: you just take the total consumption and divide it by the number of meals provided, so as to obtain the the average cost of a meal. Use the information that you get from these calculations, however, and this affects your choices in terms of raw materials, semi-finished products, stock management, production procedures, menu, etc. is far from easy. We can do it together.

Also the food cost estimate is valuable information for your restaurant, especially if it is a new openingbecause it can help you to dial in a strategic way your menu, starting right from the raw material costs.

The numbers always under control

Regularly monitor the impact of labour turnover and the cost of raw materials is essential for a successful restaurant

The management control is important. If you don't have the time to do it regularly, you may find you to discover too late that something is wrong. You need to delegate this aspect of the management of your restaurant? There is no problem, but you have to know anyway what are the parameters to always keep under control personally, doing a periodic check with your accountant. I advise you to monitor regularly, at least every two months, the incidence of labour turnover and the relationship between the cost of raw materials and sales.

Time right to expand

The creation of a brand that is today a point of reference for every market

Your restaurant is just great. Have you thought of opening another one, or maybe two or three other, creating a format? Can I help you understand if it is feasible and assist you in the search of the best locations. In addition, we can write together operating manuals will be used by the personnel that will work in the offices in the franchise.

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