"If you want to get results which are very similar to the pizza in the pizzeria, you need to find out more. "
Joe Stanchi
Executive Pizza Chef

When I read of the existence of technical terms for the preparation of the dough I understood that behind the pizza there is a science, a study, and I felt ashamed a bit to not have even suspected before then.

Until that moment I had the ideas quite bizarre on what could be “the secret” to make a true pizza napoletana, inventing, for example, unlikely mixtures of flour that they had to miraculously take me to who knows what the results are.

Benarrivato/a in this world a little bit hiddenmade of “obviousness” that are only for those who is already an expert on the topic, and that is surely very far from the simplifications that you can find her cooking blog, the most common.


But get to the point, trying to make you understand the meaning of the 3 phases (bet, staglio, and Polish), and to explain it in the simplest way possible.

You probably already know that in the preparation of the dough for neapolitan pizza, there are 3 important moments:

  • the dough
  • the formation of the dough balls
  • the writing.

You know, when you recommend let the dough rise in the bowl for a couple of hours? Perfect, that first risingbetween the mixture and the formation of cakes, the so-called “Bet”.

The definition of “Staglio” instead, it is a term used to indicate the moment in which you form the dough balls.

We omit the fact that even if the times of rising of the dough for neapolitan pizza can be very long (more than 24 hours) in the formation of the dough balls is the only step that requires your intervention.

Once you have created the pats, what you gonna do? Of course thou shalt leave them to rise for the second and last time, and this is the phase called “Polish“.

But what are the effects on the dough?

You already had to do with the bet, the staglio and Polisheven if you may not know that you were called so.

And then, because if he talks so much?

In reality, the crux of the matter not the words, but the duration of the two phases of rising, and the technique of staglio.

In fact, these factors deduced from the results as:

  1. Elasticity of the dough, and then the ability to lay out your future pizzas in a easy way and without causing tears or holes.
  2. The aroma, as well as the digestibility pasta, these characteristics are related to a maturation for a sufficiently long period of the dough.
  3. The appearance of the cornice, which we hope will be swollen and spongy!

That's why read more on bet staglio and Polish, is also of interest to fans of the do-it-yourself, no matter the cooking method, that we will adopt.

The cornice to the top and spongy

The cornice to the top and spongy at the same time is the characteristic that identifies a first mixture, the typical neapolitan pizza.

Cooking 400°

A few seconds in order to have a baking seemingly well-done that hides a unique goodness only one of its kind.

High digestibility

By following the steps in the correct the right time for fermentation and maturation of the dough you get a product that is highly digestible.

Mozzarella Fior di Latte or Hoax?

Not only is the mozzarella should be Fior di Latte or Bufala DOP, but the tomato sauce has its decisive role. Fresh basil to complete an explosion of traditional flavours.

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